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Azumanga Daioh Complete Collection  Anime Cartoon/Manga Internation
Overall Rating:
Rating of 4.2 out of 0
Front Pic
Sku #: AzuDaCC
Discs: 3
Audio: Jap
Subs: Eng, Chi
Genre: Comedy, Schoolkids
Series Info: Episodes 1-26
Posted by Last Exile
Originally based on the fantastic manga series by Kiyohiko Azuma, the Azumanga Daioh TV series developed an extensive following and proved extremely popular with fans on both sides of the Pacific during its initial Japanese run. With its uncanny aptitude for situational humor, backed up by a strong ensemble of characters, the series follows the zany day-to-day adventures of an oddball group of high school girls and their equally peculiar teachers as they face whatever strange or bizarre curveball life decides to throw at them. Headlining our delightful band of misfits is an ultra-cute 10-year-old child prodigy; a standoffish silent type with a secret penchant for cuteness; a rambunctious tomboy and her equally obnoxious partner in crime, both a fan of competitions; a bespectacled voice of reason who seems just a tad bit jaded; and a space cadet from Osaka who so happens to be named Osaka. While the students are loony, the teachers are equally wild and crazy. With the rambunctious and juvenile Miss Yukari leading the parade and the creepy Mr. Kimura?s blatant love of high school girls out in the open, only the dutiful Miss Kurosawa stands a chance at keeping a lid on all the chaos that appears to be prevalent throughout campus. That is, of course, if she can find the time while fending off Miss Yukari and her wild competitions. Speaking of competitions, over the course of the school year, the girls find themselves confronted by a surreal variety of interesting challenges and events. Contending with everything from fierce rivalries between students and teachers, the perils of physical education, the craziness of school culture festivals, to warped fantasies rivaling any psychedelic experience from the 70?s?Azumanga Daioh?s unique and boundless stories will definitely leave many a viewer suffering extreme fits of laughter as this highly enjoyable series unfolds before them.
Rating of 4.2 out of 0
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