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1.1 How can I post a review for a title?

Find the title you want review via the search or via the DVD Reviews Link, click on the item, if the item does not have any reviews it will have a link on the top right had side saying "Add Review". If the item already has some reviews it will say "Reviews(x)" at the spot, where X is the number of reviews posted, click on that link and at the top of the reviews you will see "Add Review" link, click on it and post the review.

1.2 I registered on the website but can't log in?

Please note that registration and logging in is separate for our FORUM and our Website, even though you can still use the same user name and password to login for both, you still need to register for the forum and the website separate.

1.3 I posted a review for a title but I don't see it when I view the title.

We have implemented an Approval System for the reviews, to curb abuse, so once your review is posted, it will be looked over by one of our Mods and if everything is satisfactory it will be approved and thus be viewable to everyone.

1.4 Can you tell me in what cases would a review not be approved?

First of all, we would never disapprove a review that is negative for the title that we might for example have at the store, we pride ourselfs on having most accurate reviews possible, and actually basing what we will stock for store on your reviews, if you like the item, we will likely try to get it in store, if the title is bad, we wont.

Most common reason why a review would not be approved if its a "one liner", please be abit more comprehencive in your review, show examples and explain why you rate something way you do, dont just say "its great nuf said or it sux nuf said"

Another reason why a review would not be approved if there is nothing new to say, example being if a title, like Cowboy Bebop FX, has 40+ reviews, we dont need you to say the same thing that has been said 40+ times.

Another reason, which actually triggered the approval process is if you cut and paste a review that someone else posted earlier it will be deleted.

1.5 I want to post a review for a title that I own but I can't find it in your database?

We try to keep our database current and we do a pretty good job, but sometimes we miss titles since we are only human. If you find that there is an item missing, first please make sure that its really missing, sometimes the title is in the database but under a different name, the original Japanese name versus the English name, exmple is Onegai Teacher or Please Teacher, Ronin Warriors, Samurai Troopers etc etc.

If after checking that possiblity that title is missing please find a link on the left hand side bar at the bottom that say "add dvd" where you will be taken to page where you can add a missing title. Please note you need to be logged on to the website in order to have that link accessable.

1.6 When I click on my profile I see stats, Level and Experience, what does it mean?

That is a ranking system we use to award people that post reviews and screenshots, so far its only ranking system but at a later point we are planning on doing more with it (giving discounts, special offers or other goodies to people with good ranking)

1.7 Can you tell me how to be able to take screenshots of anime I watch on my DVDROM with subtitles showing, everytime I take a screenshot using program I use, I dont get subtitles showing?

I know of a couple of programs that are great for taking screenshots with subtitles, best one is Cyberlink's PowerDVD, simple to use, just click "C" to take a screen capture.

2.1 What does "View DVD Listing" Button in my profile do?

You can create a list of DVDs that you own. Browse the dvd database and click on "I own this title" link in the item view which is below Report an Error link. After you have added the items, you can go and view the listing via the View dvd Listing button, you can also cut and paste and URL when viewing your listing and give it out to friends, or use it as a forum signature to showcase your dvd collection to others.