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Long time since we posted here. - Mar 14 2008 has been around for over 5 years, and since the exciting developments of "Adventures of JunkieJoe and the RCMP"(TM) (a book to be writen at a later date :lol:) there hasn't been many updates but it still stayed online, and alot has been going on behind the scenes in the last few months, IA is in the works of a total overhaul that will not only make it one of the best anime communities on the net, it will be THE place, we've raised the bar on HK community with our site before, now we'll raise the bar with anime community in general! Stay tuned for more updates and developments!
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Current status of import-anime - Mar 27 2007
For those that do not check the forums or read the forums towards the end of 2006 JunkieJoe was arrested. He is currently awaiting trail. We placed a paypal donate button on the page for those that wish to donate and help cover the hosting costs to keep this site alive. The store has been closed since JunkieJoe was arrested and will not be re-opening. So please donate to help keep this site alive and assist JunkieJoe with legal costs if willing.

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Restock - Dec 12 2006
Added 2 items to the store section, Samurai Champloo and Naruto Part 8.

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Major restock. - Nov 30 2006
Restocked about 20 different titles this afternoon, too many names to list, so check out the store section, and start getting your xmas shopping done early ;)

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New Releases - Nov 15 2006
Received a new shipment late this evening, bunch of new titles, including Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG and Sailor Moon sets.

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