DVD Player
My DVD Player has the died. Anyone know any good players that can play avi/divx and such?

Oh, and cheap. Like around $100.
the toshiba 3990 is a good one and it is cheap.
I got a philips one. I think its the DVP5010. It reads divx just fine and its really small. Was under a $100.
I really like my LG that I picked up a few months back for $80. Don't remember the model number but it seems to be holding up ok so far. Stay away from the Magnasonic, Goldstar and other cheap ass brands. They may work but I've found them all to be super noisy when playing and distract from watching the movie.

Toshiba, Philips and LG are all good brands for what you're looking for.
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I bought a LiteOn DVD player/recorder for $96. It's region free too Smile. Model is LVW-1107HC1.
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Thanks guys. I had that philips player but was wondering if anything had come out or down in price since then. Think i'll look around and see what I can get the various players mentioned for. Thanks.
Went with a philips since I could get a refurbished one on ebay for $55.

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