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X OVA: Dark Omens (Episode Zero)  Anime Cartoon/Manga Internation
Overall Rating:
Rating of 3.2 out of 0
Front Pic
Sku #: DVD-018
Discs: 1
Audio: Jap
Subs: Eng, Chi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
Series Info: 100 min
X OVA is a prequel to the X TV series. The story is focused on the future as seen by Kakyou, the dreamgazer of Dragon of Earth. <b>(Credit to </b>
Posted by KoNeko
A savior with immeasurably great power has come to earth. However, the one he is to rescue is not a path laid out for him, but rather a split decision that he, himself, must make. Either destroy the dragons of humanity to create a purified universe, or destroy the dragons of earth to preserve civilization. Guided by two oracles' visions, he must use his strength the to determine the fate of the earth.<br />
Rating of 3.5 out of 0
Rating of 3.5 out of 0
Rating of 2.5 out of 0