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Words Owrth Outer Story *Hentai* Anime Studio/Anime Club
Overall Rating: [Not Rated]
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Sku #: RAD106
Discs: 1
Audio: Eng, Jap
Subs: Eng
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Series Info: Episodes 1-2
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Posted by Last Exile
Episode 1 : On the battlefield-A cliff with a waterfall, Race of Light is attacking Race of Shadow. Swordsmen from Race of Light-Norman and April, they were fighting with the enemy side by side. But Race of Shadow threw cannonballs on April, she was shot down and fell into the waterfall, where she was hence separated from her beloved Norman. Later even though she floated to the edge of the bog, yet Frog Monster soon attacked her. On the other side, Persia and brave Sabrina, swordswomen also from Race of Light, they were in the battlefield together. But both of them finally got caught by Stallion and were sent to prison. After having endured obscene tortures, they managed to escape. Esterla, the swordsman from Race of Shadow, saw everything through the air window. Esterla finally met Persia. Even though both of them know they were enemies, they were attracted by each other? Episode 2 : Stallion, nostrils widely opened, sucked and licked between the middle of April\'s legs. April screamed under the attack of the horse\'s tongue. However, for the sake of feeling so good, April even gave up the virginity what she had been guarding and eventually said, \"I am sorry, Norman.\" leaving her body soaked in the midst of euphoria. On the other hand, Sabrina reproached Persia for ogling at the man from the Race of Light, and gave \"punishment\" to Persia in order to train her to become a real swordsman. Suddenly, accompanying with the thundering sounds of explosion, a war broke out again near the top-level door of the underground city in the west. Therefore, Sabrina and Persia rushed to the west side of the city in order to meet the main-force units led by Fabrees from the Race of Light. On their way, they ran across Esterla whom supposed to have fallen off the cliff. Esterla got attacked again from Sabrina, but this time it was Sabrina who slipped up and fainted, so Esterla felt so much relief; however, he had never thought of Persia, who had tenderly taken care of him would rush to him with her hands holding a long spear. They fought a single combat with their weapons, right at the moment of their pitched battle, accompanying to the bomb attack, a huge column fell down upon them...
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