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Reviews for 23 Years Old Teacher *Hentai*
Video: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Audio: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Subtitles: Rating of 3.0 out of 0 Overall: Rating of 4.3 out of 0
  R2 DVD quality, no pixellation, no grainy or blurry scene, simply amazing. 23 years old teacher made in 2002, there are no R1 release of it so that means that this hentai is censored with mosaic. Crappy japanese laws about prohibiting to show male/female genital.The graphic were nice, Rumi and Airi are sexy as hell.

  No problem found, I love the piano solo in the background during the rape scene.

  No problem found, I love the piano solo in the background during the rape scene.

  I like these type of anime. 3/4 and more of this anime were raped scene so there were little room for the storyline. 23 years old teacher reminds me of Blackmail 1,2 and dark (there are all hentais). Rumi gets raped by Kenji and Kurochima in almost all of Episode 1. Almost all the h-scene are raping scene expect for one, here's the rundown of them (2 episodes of 27:20 minutes) Episode 1 1- Raping scene on the tramway (molest) 2- Raping scene in a taxi (molest) 3- Raping scene in Rumi's house 4- H-scene between Rumi and boyfriend Ryoichi 5- Raping scene in the bathroom Episode 2 1- Raping scene in the teacher's lounge 2- Raping scene in a classroom 3- Raping scene in the nurse office 4- Raping scene in Kenji and Kurochima room The storyline goes at this, Rumi the english teacher is being touched by Kenji in the train, she refuses and yells to somebody to help her. However, Kenji brother Kurochima who is large as a mountain, intimidates everybody on board so everybody is afraid of him so Kenji and him start to have fun with her while everybody tries to ignore her pleas for help. She gets rapped, teased, humiliated, they take photos of her while she's tied on the chair naked they threaten her by releasing the pictures ect.. ect.. Then, one of Rumi student's Airi is gets tricked by Kurochima and gets rapped. One of the teacher in Rumi school's pays high bucks for Rumi's body so he has some fun with her with dildo, vibrator ect.. So will Rumi and Airi get out of this blackmailing problem ?? Overall, it was good but it was too short. If you liked an hentai with only rapping scene in it or if you liked hentais like the Blackmail series then get it right away. Recommanded but DON'T BUY THE MI SET The ending reminds me of Kamyla Vol 2 (another hentai), ain't love great Extras: None Packaging: I love the MI hentai cover, colorful picture of Rumi getting undressed with Kurochima on the left and Kenji on the right inside a train as a background. Damn, I love Rumi expression on that cover
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08 Dec 2003 14:09:19
Video: Rating of 3.0 out of 0 Audio: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Subtitles: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Overall: Rating of 4.3 out of 0
  Perfect. Looks like this was made recently, drawing looks great. Not one of those hentai drawn 10-15 years ago with bad drawing(if you are reading this you probably know which ones I'm talking about). DVD quality is excellent. If it's all good, then why did I give it a 3? That's because this title has mosaic. I like my hentai hardcore without mosaic.

  Nothing to complain about. Sound is clear and crisp.

  Nothing to complain about. Sound is clear and crisp.

  First thing, this title has mosaic. Many hentai fans probably agree that mosaic is a big no-no for ppl who prefer to watch hardcore hentai. This title lose some score for that. As for story (yes hentai titles do have story too hehe). A female teacher, who is 23 years old as title says, becomes a sex slave of two gangsters. They later force her to gets her female student involved in this mess as well; I won't spoil the story more than that. If you have twisted sick mind and enjoy subway molest, SM, bondage, and teenage rape, this title is for you (in other words, if you are Bible Black fan, get this). But if you enjoy those softcore hentai with lovers having beautiful sex with each other, stay away from this one (in other words, if you are End of Summer fan, stay away). Hope that helped. Enjoy. ^_^
Level: 2
Reviews: 6
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