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A Heat For All Seasons *Hentai*  Anime Studio/Anime Club
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Sku #: RAD061
Discs: 1
Audio: Eng, Jap
Subs: Eng
Genre: Adult
Series Info:
Posted by Hanamichi
A collection of three hentai (erotic anime) programs, A HEAT FOR ALL SEASONS contains SUMMER HEAT, WINTER HEAT, and AUTUMN HEAT in a collector's box. Each of the programs follows the adventures of Masato, an aspiring writer. Masato is a college student studying and aspiring novelist, but with all the beautiful women in his life, it's hard to get studying done. Between the tough Rie, the cute Miku, the faithful Kanna and his high school sweetheart, Chihiro, there aren't enough seasons in the year.<br />
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