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Babel Saga The Second  MAC
Overall Rating:
[Not Rated]
Front Pic
Sku #: MA126E
Discs: 2
Audio: Jap
Subs: Eng, Chi
Genre: Action, Science-Fiction
Series Info: Eps 1-13
Posted by OptimisticOx
After a mysterious accident, a young schoolkid follows two psychics to their high-tech hideout, where, after they try to kill him, he discovers that he possesses incredible psychic powers. After being interviewed by two members of a special UN task force tracking down the underground group of psychics (of course bent on world domination) who were responsible for the accident, the boy is confronted by a member of the group, claiming that they are "misunderstood." He travels to their hideout, but when their leader is unable to tell whether the boy will join them, he orders him killed. The boy proves to be no easy target, especially with the help of three guardians who appear out of nowhere--a robot the size of a building, a huge dragon, and a black panther who can apparently turn into a puddle (that's right, a moving puddle). After his escape, the boy learns he is actually Babel II--the successor of an alien who crashed on this planet centuries ago and attempted (unsuccessfully) to construct a communications tower. This tower still stands, and contains technology capable of conquering the world. Well, our friendly world-dominating psychics and their army of kidnapped people brainwashed and given psychic powers have a grudge against Babel II, and furthermore, their leader himself was supposed to be Babel II, until the tower realized he was evil and rejected him. The rest of the collection is just a series of battles between the seemingly unending stream of flashy psychics (and their accompanying brainwashed hordes) and Babel II and his really huge guardians. For the last 40 minutes or so, the bad guys realize that if they just keep pounding on Babel II with wave after wave of expendable fanatics, he'll probably (some day) run out of power. Will he? Only time and a whole buncha battles will tell. <br />
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