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You're Under Arrest  Anime Cartoon/Manga Internation
Overall Rating:
Rating of 4.3 out of 0
Front Pic
Sku #: DVD23101
Discs: 3
Audio: Jap
Subs: Eng, Chi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Series Info: 13 episodes - 260 min
Posted by Shibo
Miyuki is a gentle, reserved young woman, but for all that she's an ace driver in her working life as one of Tokyo's police officers. Natsumi is hotheaded, impulsive, and disorganized. She too is a police officer, in the motorcycle division, and when the two are teamed up, she doesn't think she and Miyuki will ever hit it off. But from their first important case, a pursuit of a reckless driver with a deadly agenda, they came to rely on each other and value each other's good qualities. Xomedy, fan service, and even a tad bot of good humored violence, based on the Manga by Oh My Goddess creator Kosuke Fujishima.<br />
Rating of 5.0 out of 0
Rating of 5.0 out of 0
Rating of 3.0 out of 0