Anyone help me with this...
Ok so I've given up in HK's that's it I'm done! I'm going to stick to R1/R2 and Divx/Xvid for stuff I'm not sure about! And stuff that unavailable of course!!

So my question is does anyone know a good anime tracker for Fansubs and R1 rips etc?? Also any really good shows doing the rounds on Japanese TV at the mo' Been watching Monster on Youtube so fancy that but what else??


So you selling all your hks?
you could try
[Image: 3685z]
If you're talking about using torrents for dvd's I wouldnt suggest it but for xvid thats fine. I've always loved using usenet even though there is less stuff available I dont have to worry about seeders or the download speed being slow.
Yes I'm selling off all my HKs will stick something in the trading forum over the weekend, I might Ebay them though...

I'm just gonna use Xvid, pretty much the same way I use HKs "try before you by" My new DVD player does Xvid so why the hell not!

Good place to look for live action Asian TV shows
Fantastic Super Club is a good place to look for Asian movies.
Good place to look for fansubbed anime.
BoxTorrents has a good chunk of rare licensed animes. But you definitely won't find any ADV titles on there anymore though.

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