Are the HK companies going to transition to Blu-Ray ever? If not for HD content, then for ordinary DVD material... Since a Blu-Ray disk can hold up to ~50 GB which is like 5 DVDs so concieveably 1 disk could hold an entire series with minimal additional compression, unlike the heavy additional compression they undergo to be fit onto a 3-disk set.

Rumors, Thoughts, Speculation?
Probably too expensive to switch everything over to Blu-ray disks... especially since the regular disks are so cheap now...

shrug... beats me though..
I would highly doubt they would. Right now Sony won't even license blu-ray to Chinese player manufacturing company's hence the high price of the players still. They would have to completely buy new hardware to press blu-ray discs as current dvd presses cannot handle blu-ray discs (But with slight modifications they could handle HD-DVD).

And the final thing blanks for Blu-rays are still really high in costs. So with all the upfront costs it would take and HK sells there dvds for such a low price i doubt you will see them.

Also blu-ray has a lower tolerence for if things go bad. So do you want even more chances of bad discs like you currently can get with HK dvds?

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