Ebay Rights Question
My limited experiance with ebay was very negative-bottom line-I'll never have anything to do with them again.
I love anime-but I still have a life-but not by choice......?
i went through this recently...i hate the hole, you left me a negitive so heres one for you...long story short, the only kind of feedback that ebay considers retalatory or unfair...basically the only kind of feedback that they can make dissapere is if you bid on somthing with no intention of buying, but purly with the intention on leaving a neg feedback..kind of gay, the reason they gave me was it is a violation of first amendment rights or some bull shit like that
It is better to sit and be thought a fool, then to speak and be proven out right
?? It's their site, they can do wtf they want.
Took me a while but he finally left me a negative. That page for responding was very helpful. Thank you.

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