Anyone still alive?
I was cleaning out my favorites and noticed I hadn't been to this website since 2008. Wondeirng if anyone is still around or comes in here from time to time. Had some good times talking here with some of the members. It would be good to hear how everyone is doing nowadays. As for this cat. I'm 37, still watching anime with my wife and our two girls. Got to visit Japan and plan on going back sometime next year. Anyway..if you are still around post what you have been up to after all these years. Best comic book podcast!!! Come and join in!
Woo, login still works! Every once in a while it crosses my mind to check this site. I've been a Deputy Sheriff for about 5 years now. Actually just arrested my neighbor on my day off. We've had problems in the past with him and he decided to pound on my door and pick a fight with me. Not what I wanted to do on my day off. >.>

I'm still very much into anime. I have a sub to funimations streaming app. I sub on and off to crunchyroll. Really like the show Ace of the Diamond on there. Binge watched that show in about a week. I haven't done that in quite some time.

My current favorite anime is Steins;Gate, though unfortunately it doesn't have a ton of rewatch value until you start to forget the plot a bit. I've been in a Gundam kick lately. I bought my first HK set yesterday that I've bought in like 8 years. Wanted to watch Gundam Wing but I'm not paying hundreds of dollars for legit sets that have been out of print since I was a teenager, so I just bought a new HK set.
I finally figured out that it takes anime to get me off my fat ass and start watching again. I've got my tablet rigged up on the treadmill and just finished watching all of Initial D and am starting One Punch Man. I really haven't watched any anime since I was active in this forum a bazillion years ago.

I'm looking for recommendations of shows to watch once I finish One Punch Man that I might have missed in the past decade.

This forum might not be the best place to check because Cidien's post from a year and a half ago is the most recent post. But this place still feels like home to me. Any other solid communities like we had here back in the day?
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Randomly checked this site today, brought back some great memory on trading HK anime (I think with everyone in this thread). I have a job that I like, after 8 years in college and 3 degrees in completely different fields, I am an optician which requires none of those degrees. I still watch anime, but not as often as I like. The only new ones that have impressed me are One Punch Man and Attack on Titan. I'm sure there are more out there, i just haven't found them yet.
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