Duke Nukem Forever
So he is finally back and its like the developers forgot the PS2, gamecube and X-Box days are gone. The graphics are Ahhh Ho Hum nothing special, yes there is R rates stuff, but for some reason the game graphics are as buggy as previous PS1 releases were. Game play is alot of start stop and puzzels, Serious Sam does the puzzels with a faster pace and flow. The best part of Duke is the original voice actor is back in full fury. Overal I give the game a C+ Better luck next time duke if there is one
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I think a C+ is being pretty generous. That game wouldn't have been as good as the original Duke Nukem 3d even if it released with worse graphics 10 years ago.
The release was good and i actually enjoyed it.
I wish there was sequel for duke, would be great.

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