I need some help about Naruto Boxsets!
Hey guys,

I got a problem to decide which Naruto Boxset I should buy, hopefully you can help me by telling me what you know about those sets. I prefere (as probably everyone here) DVD Rips.

There are the Englisch Dub versions by FX/EZ-DVD (Part 1: http://www.shopanimedvd.com/product_info...ts_id=6381)

I don't need Englisch Dub to watch, buy I read that the previous releases by FX without English Dub, had crappy Subtitles, and I compared the FX episodes with the official episodes by VIZ Media with their Uncut Boxsets (Part1: http://www.shopanimedvd.com/product_info...ts_id=5295),
and they quite match. So maybe these are R1 Rips. Maybe you guys can tell me.
Furthermore, I read that FX stopped using Gatefolds, but I really like them, so if anyone knows about this, please tell me.

Then there are the English Dub sets by MAC (Part1: http://www.shopanimedvd.com/product_info...ts_id=6770)

In my HK-Anime Collection, most of the really good ones are MAC releases, with great subtitles. So I have hopes that these could be R1 rips, as they, as well match the episodes with the VIZ releases (I think even more than the FX does). And I think that MAC uses gatefolds.
I also saw 3 bleach boxsets by MAC, which exactly match the episodes of the VIZ bleach releases.

I actually like the cover artwork of the FX more, but subtitles quality, and gatefolds are more important to me.

I own 5 boxsets of MI, which have quite good subs, good quality and a really nice animated Menu, but they have only 13 episodes for the same price as FX and MAC have 26. Even if the MIs have better quality then, my wallet would prefere FX or MAC.

I hope you guys can help me,

Greetings from Germany
I guess this forum really is dead, allthough 166 ppl have seen my thread so far, nobody posted anything usefull. Only that odvdcom or what he's called - guy posted something, his f***ing advertisments, which do not belong in this forum.
He's a fucking moran-as for Naruto-I'm the wrong person to ask since I hate Naruto with a purple passion.
I love anime-but I still have a life-but not by choice......?
Yeah, I thought so about him as well.
Well yeah, anruto turned pretty mainstream, but I read the manga in 2002 I think, it was in a magacine liek the shonen jump, called BANZAI. Was the first german release of naruto I think. <and I think it really has great sory. If ppl dont like it, okay. But I think it's stupid if ppl dont like naruto jut because it is mainstream (not saying that you r that kind of guy)

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