i'm selling some hk anime .....
Full Moon Wa Sagashite 1-51
Gundam Seed Destiny 1-51
Flame OF Recca 1-51
Kodocha 1-51
Kaitou Maid Jeanne 1-51

$77 free shipping for each
You want $77 for each of those? Wow. I don't buy HK anime anymore but you're quite insane. You can buy gundam seed for $33 shipped brand new. I'm sure the others are similar. Hell, for $3 more I can buy the R1 gundam seed box sets. Wait 6 months i'm sure the destiny ones will be out too.
ok $66 free shipping

hmm is this the cost
Well first off you're in the wrong thread, this should be in the DVD TRADING thread... and secondly, according to the FAQ's, you're not suppose to sell stuff on here, you can trade it, but not sell it... although at this point I don't think it's a major deal anymore...sigh...

Took me about 20 seconds to find that. I could probably find more if you want me to further prove my point.
Even for 30 bucks each I'd pass........!
I love anime-but I still have a life-but not by choice......?
I guess he got the point that no one is going to buy here Big Grin
You can call it a ripoff considering they are not in demand and the prices you have put.

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