summer vacation
how was everyones vacation? great? good? ok?
mine suck masterfully in the begining. work, sleep, and eat.. great stuff. but towards the end of the summer it got better. i learned how to wake board and not to get a sun burn. haha. i also wentto vegas and california (not long)... sin city! it was awsome! my friends and i walked the strips during the day (VEvY BAD IDEA! TOO HOTTTTTT!) but we did check out some of the casinos.. hahaha... i wanted to see more shows but we only got to see one (non other then chippendales) hahaha (it was enetaining). wen i visited cali for 2 days, my friend took me to santa monica beach and.... thats all. haha i didnt stay there long and she lived like 45 minutes away where i was staying. but it was fun.
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Yours doesn't sound bad at all. But with cities like Vegas around how could it.

I only had 2 weeks off during the world cup. Watched alot of football and drank lots of beer with friends. That was about it. I want to go on holiday again next year to some far of country but this year it didn't happen. I also used up most of my vacation days in the first part of the year.

For the rest its just alot of working. My company just merged with another one and they also merged the department I work at with theirs. So it went from 7 people to 25. Alot of people are on vacation now and its just very busy here. I used to have alot of time to post and read the internet but that's mostly in the past now. I got to re-learn to work for 8 hours.

How long do you guys have vacation anyway?
Im on holiday now yay. Cant use any punctuation because French keyboards are totally different to qwerty ones though lol. Im in Nice in France for a much needed family chillout session. Been away alot this summer. Probably going to be my last get away now uni has finished and im out in the real world :eek:
I went to Japan, and kicked it around the Kansai region. Travelled around Osaka, Kyoto, Fushimi-Inari (the last scene (Red Gates scene) in Memoirs of a Geisha), Nara (a place with tons of free-roaming deer), and Kobe.
what did i do this summer....oh i went to costa rica, that was cool. in 2 years i'll be going to japan with my little brother though, pretty excited about that, not sure where i'm going to go next summer, maybe peru.
uno...dos...tres...el shoompo
I didn't do much except work this summer. I did go visit some family in Dallas for about 5-6 days. I have gotten into paintball over the last few months. I've been rapidly getting better. Not much else to report at this time.
I prepped my house for sale.
Now it is sold.
Hope I can buy a new house before the closing date.
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Vacation.Whats that?
I wouldnt know.Ive had one holiday since march 2005 and that was for 6 days to go see some family.2 days of which were in a car as they live 8 hours drive away.Been working 5 days a week the rest of it.Whats that, about 1.5 years odd.Ive got some serious holiday/pay due.Not even one 3 day weekend or anything.Thats what happens when your in the hospo trade.End up working public holidays weekends etc when its busiest.I cant remember the last time i had a whole weekend (sat/sun) off work.
end rant
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I've spent most of the summer at work and the rest with my nose in the car I traded my Mustang for. It is going to be a beast. Right now I'm waiting for lots of parts to come in, so I haven't made much progress in a couple of weeks. Might post the progress pics I've taken in a new thread. Decided to take some time off school to settle some personal issues. Not going back is not an option, but not taking time off wasn't much of one either. My family went on Vacation with out me since I was working so much at the time. I hope to get some time off later this month when I turn 21. I got buddies that will take me to the clubs in the city and that will most deffinetly be fun.

And I've always wanted to go to Vegas, Gem. I don't why though considering I don't gamble, period. Must be just because it is a crazy place a guy from a town with less than 1800 people would like to experience.
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Vegas is pretty cool.
I spent two weeks there one summer helping a friend move that way.
Vegas is even more cool if you can fleece the casinos for the promotional stuff without getting sucked in to actually gamble. I only spent $65 during the whole two weeks I was there.
Gullible isn't in the dictionary.
I spent $900 for the one week I was there. *Bravo*
Well mine was ok. All I really did was go to school. Then go home and relax. I didn't have to go to school till 1:20 so that's good. Classes started at 2:00 on monday and on wensday I don't get out till 10:00 cus I got both animation class and programming class. So yeah pretty rough. Between all that I probably got some videogames and played them now and again. Slept alot, that's not too good. Guess I need to get in shape again.Sad

Classes ended on Wensday and I have lots of homework. Have to study for a programming pratice final not too bad considering all I have to do is print out the pratice final and study over that then take the main final online. My other final is pretty simple. All I need to do is make two movies in flash then turn them in by tuesday. Other then that I have some homework to do for both classes. I'm way behind in my programming class so that kinda sucks.

At least I can relax next weekend when I'm on my vacation to Hawaii. Oh yeah did I mention I was going to Hawaii. Bet you wish you were me by next friday. Ha Ha just kidding.Big Grin I'll let you know what all I did when I get back. Too bad its just a week.

Other then that I havent' done that much this summer. Cut grass to make some money. I've been saving up all this summer. got at least 600 + saved up right now
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There's an Italian expression that describes my vacation perfectly: "dolce far niente".
For those who don't speak Italian (I don't either :p) it means "sweet doing-nothing". I just slept a lot, read, watched movies/tv series/anime/etc, played some games, basically just enjoyed my free time. It's been pretty sweet. Big Grin
I haven't come here since a few weeks after the World Cup so it's been a long time. For some reason I just didn't feel like speaking to anyone on any forums, I just felt like isolating myself from the rest of the world for a while (well, at least as far as the internet goes). No particular reason for that, I just felt like it. Anyway, I'll be coming here regularly again so I just wanted to say 'hi' to everybody. Smile
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Jesus H Christ
I don't remember the last time I actually had a vacation, summer or otherwise. I worked through high school went straight to college and spend plenty of time at or dealing with work. All I have to say is if your still in high school enjoy every second of your vacation though by now your probably back in class so I hope you enjoyed it.
i spent about 500 bucks there and it was not from gambling. gifts and eating and staying there. ahhaha. but what can you say, its vegas!

p.s. i've place 3rd out of 12 on W foil (a tournment i've just got home form), which i am very excited. and also 2 other teammate are now rated D in sabre and E in foil. basically this is bug for us. hahaha.
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