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I've wanted to make this thread for a while, but since most music threads died on the first page, I didn't. But screw it.

Just post what you are listening to right now, and any thoughts feelings about it if you'd also like.

Ignite - Know Your History. I almost smiled my face off the first time I heard this song. It is a punk-hardcore song, that is political in message, but isn't preachy. Basically tells you to know your history to make your own judgments, because it looks like it will repeat itself. Also, the vocals for this group totally go off in a different direction than most hardcore bands of today. Meaning they actually sing, and very well.
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I have weird listening habbits. Whenever I find something new I like I play it till i get sick of it and then i go back to my older stuff.

Now I'm listening alot to Matisyahu. Its a British band consisting of Jewish musicians. They play a mix of regae and hiphop.

I also listening alot of dutch rap by a group called Opgezwolle.

And when I'm down I turn on Beasty Boys. That always works for me.

I've collected so much stuff on my pc I don't know what to choose most of the time.
I listen mostly to Bon Jovi, U2, Nickelback and so on.
I also like to listen to the anime station of AOL radio.
Furthermore I listen to some dutch songs and...

Oh screw it, I listen to just about anything excluding rap and hiphop.
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Got a couple of albums recently but nothing has stood out for me. Got The Kooks album but only a couple of tracks I would listen to again. The Be Your Own PET album was good to listen to as a whole but again nothing stood out as an amazing track. Loving Plan B whos an English rapper but his tracks are crazy like some are acoustic guitar but he can still rap over them without sounding wierd. Atari Teenage Riot got me interested recently but people have done what they were trying to do after them a whole let better so they sound really dated. That's about it... I generally prefer listening to my old favorites Cool
duran duran
white stripes
RF_InSAnE Wrote:Oh screw it, I listen to just about anything excluding rap and hiphop.

I'm like that as well although I listen mostly to rock. Right now I'm having a blast listening to Nickelback's All the Right Reasons while still listening to L'Arc en Ciel, the band that I've been listening to almost exclusively for the past 9 months.
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MSI - Bring the Pineapple.

Don't think I'll ever get sick of hearing this song. I've had it for like a year now. It so well covers what MSI does best and just owns any over version of Bring the Pain. It brings the aural asskicking.
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"OMFG, let me rush onto my NOAHS ARC!" by JunkieJoe
Blight Wrote:MSI - Bring the Pineapple.
MSI Rocks! You'll Rebel To Anything is an amazing Album!
Right Now i'm listening to Primus' - Anti-pop.
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Motion City Soundtrack
The Spinto Band
Cute Is What We Aim For


Piano Man: The Best of Billy Joel...

Gravion Zwei ultimate edition OST and Madlax/Noir OST
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The Buggles- Video Killed the Radio Star. What can I say its a catchy tune. Don't really know how to describe it.
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Ryo of Inferno...Taooo Jiiiinnn
Final Execution (Armageddon) by The Unseen
This has nothing to do with this but, Tool's playin in Cali WOOOOO!!!!!!:eek:
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Southern Smoke: 8Ball & MJG - Relax, Take Notes... And... Noir (Kajiura Yuki) - Zero Hour

Great stuff there.
Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Epica, Nightwish, Hammer ( M.C. Version Is Lame)fall, Sonata Arctica, Savage Circus, Conception, Leaves Eyes, and Tarot. Ill actually get to see a few of them in concert soon! I cant wait! Ill b going to see Kamelot and Epica at the Jaxx nightclub in Springfield, VA this September! Then, in December, I get to go see Blind Guardian (favorite band) and Leaves Eyes in Atlanta!!!
As of late I've had my Eminem cd going constantly in my car & FlyLeaf palying at home.
My Soul Brings Tears to Satanic Eyes.

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