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Old 06-23-2006, 10:40 AM
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Stuff (Back from the dead!!!)

Just a few things, the halo 3 trailer did do one thing, it showed us what the in game graphics will be, bungie officially demonstrated that the demo was all in game graphics and traversed the landscape to prove it, they also said that the structure was a forerunner structure on earth, does that mean the forerunners are related to humans? Would explain why guilty spark recognized master chief as a reclaimer, bungie also said the structure is massive covering 14 sq miles in game. It also hints at cortana going crazy.

FF3 on the ds looks righteous cant wait, so does zelda and the next castlevania, ooh goody. The star fox game looks like they ported the n64 version but Ill still play it theres all dogfighting and you have total freedom no more riding the rails, plus 8player local wireless.

Capcom has also announced that resident evil will continue to be released on the wii but that could mean another remake or 5, i hope its 5, but a re2 remake like the first one would be absolutely droolworthy.

The wii controller that looks like a supernes con looks really cool, two sticks and 4 shoulder buttons, assasins creed will be released on the 360.

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