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Reviews for Manie-Manie: Labyrinth Tales, Neo-Tokyo 27 Apr 2008 21:36:39
Video: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Audio: Rating of 5.0 out of 0 Subtitles: Rating of 3.0 out of 0 Overall: Rating of 4.3 out of 0
  This movie which came out back in 86 is just absolutely stunning! I was really impressed with the remastering and the anamorphic widescreen. If I didn't know it was from the 80's I would have swore it was a more current film.

  In Japanese only. It sounded great! I didn't hear any distortion, hissing or anything annoying.

  I found the English subtitles on the dvd to be the weakest part of this release. They're not totally horrible and your never really lost as to what is going on but they take away from the overall watching experience. All the names are wrong and the grammer is not the best. It's kind of jumbled and needs to be fix and reworded. But you can get by with them by listening to the dialogue and watching for stuff in English.

  I really enjoyed this movie! It is comprised of three short stories from 3 of Japans best animators. It is what I would call a very visualy stunning film. It's like Memories or Robot Carnival and it does not disappoint. I think this type of anime is some of the best and is ahead of it's time. It has such awesome style and the story telling is brilliant. It was made back in the late 80's and is probaly better than 80% of the anime that comes out today. As for the dvd itself the menus are easy to use and the cover is very cool but no extras. If the subs were up to American standards this would be almost as good as a region 1 release.
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