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Sakura Diaries MAC
Overall Rating: [Not Rated]
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Sku #: AC040
Discs: 2
Audio: Japanese
Subs: English, Chinese
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Series Info: Ova
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Posted by Hanamichi
From the time of their childhood, Urara has always considered her cousin Touma as her first love. Years later, Urara is delighted to learn that Touma will be moving to Tokyo for college. The problem is, Touma doesn't remember Urara. As fate would have it, Touma winds up staying at a relative's house in Tokyo -- none other than his now cute and sexy cousin Urara! Alas, Touma has already fallen head-over-heels with a sophisticated college girl named Mieko. But Mieko would only date college guys and Touma had just succeeded in flunking every entrance exam... what's a guy to do? And in Urara's case, what's a girl to do?
Video: [Not Rated] Audio: [Not Rated] Subtitles: [Not Rated]
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