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Inuyasha Part 3 MAC
Overall Rating: Rating of 4.0 out of 0
Front Pic
Sku #: MA128E
Discs: 3
Audio: Japanese
Subs: English, Chinese
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Series Info:
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Posted by EngrishMajor
It is said that the path to enlightenment and finding true wisdom takes years of training to attain... but when a demonic tree offers an easier way, the weak-willed take the easier, evil path. Inuyasha and the others come upon a temple inhabited by a false mentor, who feeds upon others who want to become sages. When Kagome is captured and the night of the new moon is upon Inuyasha, can he rescue her without any of his powers?Naraku enlists the help of Tsubaki, a dark priestess specializing in curses, to kill Kagome. Tsubaki is dubious at first, but Naraku convinces her to do his bidding by promising her the nearly complete Jewel of the Four Souls that she has long sought. Will Inuyasha’s friends be able to break the curse – before it forces Inuyasha to relive a nightmarish experience from his past?Her curse upon Kagome broken, Tsubaki flees to the ancient temple where she trained as a youth. Momiji and Botan, two na├»ve priestesses trained by the same priest who once trained Tsubaki, believe her claims that she’s being pursued by an “evil demon” and set out to confront Inuyasha and the others. The two guardians of the temple now gone, Tsubaki reveals the real reason she has returned – and evil power than has been sealed away for generations...Dark Priestess Tsubaki was once Kikyo's rival to be Keeper of the Sacred Jewel. Now, unable to forgive and consumed by her ambition to control the jewel, she uses a shard in her eye to devour demons and gain their power, and Inuyasha is next on her list! Later, Wind Sorceress Kagura, plans to escape her evil master Naraku by using jewel shards ripped from Koga's legs!Kagura has long sought to be free of her evil master's grasp, and when it appears that Naraku's powers have weakened, she plans her escape. But, afraid to take such a dangerous gamble alone, she tries to enlist Sesshomaru's help. Meanwhile, Naraku's newest incarnation is slaughtering humans and stealing their faces! What is this Faceless Man after, and how does he know Kagome?The fight against the mysterious Muso continues! Although he seems to be an incarnation of Naraku like Kagura and Kanna, he doesn't seem to be under Naraku's control. After seeing Kagome, something awakes within Muso, memories of a past that involves Inuyasha and Kikyo. Inuyasha heads to see Totosai in order to find a way to increase the power of the Tetsusaiga.Inuyasha and his friends head to the coastal region to confront a horde of Bat-Demons. There, Inuyasha meets Shiori, a young girl who is also a half-demon. He sympathizes with Shiori because they are from both the world of demons and the world of humans. But, when Inuyasha learns that the only way to increase his power is by killing the young girl, can he go through with it?Using the crimson-bladed Tetsusaiga's new barrier breaking abilities, Inuyasha uncovers the Panther Demons' hideout. While Inuyasha searches for the kidnapped Kagome and battles hoards of Panther Demons, Sesshomaru arrives on the scene and orders his younger brother to leave. But Inuyasha decides to stay and fight alongside his brother. With the revival of the Panther Demons' leader at hand, can Inuyasha, Koga and Sesshomaru work together long enough to defeat the great demon and rescue Kagome?Jaken plots to steal the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha, but ends up getting kidnapped by Naraku's incarnation, Kagura. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru grows tired of Naraku’s games and plans to destroy him once and for all. When Inuyasha and Sesshomaru confront Naraku together, can the evil machinations of Naraku be enough to stop the two powerful brothers?
Video: Rating of 4.0 out of 0 Audio: Rating of 4.0 out of 0 Subtitles: Rating of 4.0 out of 0
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