Anyone reading any good manga?
Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days. Man this is crazy! Love it though. It's like an alternate universe (the one at the end of the last ep of the TV series aparently) where all the kids from the series are friends and there are a few love triangles and stuff. It's like an Eva love story. Can't wait for more!

Andromeda18_ Wrote:165GB over the limit?! :eek: I have to pay 1.5€ for every extra GB and that's now because a couple of months ago it was 15€ (yes, 15€Wink. Well, to be honest I can download whatever I want because a friend of mine who's a bit of computer genius made it happen. Big Grin

Tell me about it. They said it would be £1 per GB if it carries on Sad What's this little trick your friend taught ya? Im curious!
ive been reading some of the samurai deeper kyo manga's, there pretty good...alot different then the anime, ive skimed through a couple of confidential thats kinda screwed not too sure if i am gonna read them...a little too demented for me
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