The New superman Movie.
Has anyone seen the new Superman movie? I have to admit I was expecting alot since it was a big budget movie, and I wasn't disapionted. The Special Effects are AMAZING, the story line wasn't all that great, as they tried to make it "hollywood", and add drama into it. I don't want to say anything speciffic about the movie, but don't go to see the movie if your expecting a good story and alot of action, as you will be disapionted. Sad The best part of the movie, was the Spider-Man 3 Preview, go see that, then leave while superman is still a hero in your heart.
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I think your post is sending a mixed message lol. But I did hear it was 2:45 minuets long and that didn't sound very cool to me. I don't want to go see Lord of the Superman for crying out load. I'm too psyched about Pirates of the Caribbean 2 right now to care about any other movie though. I?m just glad I?m finally getting some down time for the time since college let out so I can actually go see it.
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the movie sucked, the special effects were not that great, in fact, alot of CG was way too noticiable, looked way fake...

the main plot of the movie sucked so bad that I was blown away that they actually allowed that to come to fruition...

the movie is weak.
My name for this movie:

"The Lifter featuring super Lois"

All he did was lift things. If you want to see a movie about guys lifting things up this one is for you.
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This movie was a movie for comic fans and fans of the original movies, it stayed true to and was better than the original movies. Routh and Spacey were perfect, the movie was fun, yeah some of the cg was noticeable, so what all cg is noticeable, what movies do you watch where you don't see its cg.

Look if you like the original movies go see this one, if you can go see it in imax 3d I did and I loved it.

Length is not an issue casue it never gets boring or drags on its pure fun, eye candy and exciting and also very funny. This movie is the reason you go to the movies, they are already working on the next one, so they will probably have huge brawls in that one but the absence of brawls made no difference, superman did what he does and thats save people!!!
nuff said If you like superman go see it!!!
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Just to clarify, she said 225 for superman and the same for clark, then said, ahh no and laughed, lois took note of supermans weight being 225 in superman one.
I thought it was ok, nothing spectacular. It was cool that they went on with some story lines and locations from the old movies.

But damn, that superman looks alot like C. Reeves. Especially in his Clark outfit.
I agree with most of the people here that it was too long and dragged. I'm generally a fan of superhero movies but I thought the Superman-Lois romance/stalking subplot was really unneccessary. It would seem like there would be a fun action scene and then half an hour of dull, dull, dull blathering on about crap. Now that would be fine in a book or any other movie. But this is Superman. I think the reason we are there is to watch him save people, fight supervillains, and kick ass, not talk about his feelings. If you can only see one movie this summer, skip Superman and go see Pirates 2 instead.
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Blight Wrote:I think your post is sending a mixed message lol.
I'm too psyched about Pirates of the Caribbean 2 right now to care about any other movie though.

Did i send a mixed message? sorry if i did

As for Pirates 2. Hell YA!
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