More updates.
Just wanted to update you guys on how shipping through USA is working out. Since shipping this method I havent had a chance to send out notification emails once the order is shipped, so don't worry if you were used to getting that email. All orders go out Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and from what the tracking says, most orders arrive on the second day.

Also, within a week, all orders going to the USA will be shipped in a box, either its 1 dvd or 10, got to love USPS for giving free shipping supplies Wink

Want to ask all the users to update their emails for the website log in, not the forum log in but the website one at the top, alot of features are coming soon and will need to have your valid emails.

Stay tuned.
For the emails, make sure that the email thats associated with your account is an email you have set up with the paypal account.

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