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Re: A question of offensiveness

So, people are talking about that Razor Ramone Hard Gay guy now here too! I used to hang out at a Naruto fan site that basically became a Hard Gay fan site after Naruto began to fall to shit.

Any way since I'm late and the talk has turned ( I was getting a tattoo see other thread), I won't bother with some long winded explanation. I got my views, you people have yours. as long as no one else steps on anyone rights, who really gives a damn. I am first and foremost a person that likes forward free thinkers, but that doesn't necessarily mean I am an unwritten book. My pages have been filled with a love of cheese cake, a vilifying of spiders, and a strange creepy feeling when seeing dudes kiss each other. It is a part of who I am, and no one is going to make me feel guilty over what I feel when I see something. If I said I hated it when I saw dudes kiss, you would have the right to dislike my feelings. In fact you have the right anyway, it?s just that I have the right to not give a damn. Really, it?s as simple as that. Someone got in my face and pressured me into revealing person feelings, and I told them and they didn?t like it. Too god damn bad.

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