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Re: A question of offensiveness

Originally Posted by gubi-gubi View Post
Ha i'll have to check that out. I can't help but laugh at him although every inch of my body tells me it's wrong Is he really that big in Japan? The fathers day one is hilarious. When he gives the girls dad a 'hard gay necktie' lol!
Is it really so wrong? He's been criticized for 'his stereotypical depiction of gay men and for building a career on parodying a social minority with "bizarre and extreme" "erotically charged antics"' and he's not very popular among the gays and lesbians of Japan (he's very popular with everybody else), but seriously, he's so exagerated and ridiculous one couldn't possibly believe him to be the real thing. And now they know he really isn't, because he recently got married (to a busty pin-up at that ). Personally, I don't think he's harming anyone, he's just damn funny!
You if haven't already, you might want to check these out.
Unfortunately, the Hana Yori Dango (love this series) one isn't subtitled but the guy's so physical it's funny anyway. If you want to watch the whole thing you have to download it from but you can watch a little joke scene he did with (gorgeous) Matsumoto Jun here. That's another thing I love about Hard Gay, he always picks on my favourite actors, Matsumoto Jun, Hiroki Narimiya (on 'Hard Gay The Television')...
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