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Hi everyone, so I wrote a huge message talking about the changes in my life, the nostalgia of this place and times gone by etc.... Just to loose it all .

Now I could try and re write it all again but I cba lol

Just a quick one, I quite work nearly 2 years ago and have been trying to figure out what I want to do in Life and it's been a struggle to get the answer, after taking shelter in the guise of daily routine and habits... I still unfortunately have the bad tendance to procrastinate like I used to on here instead of studying at university D'oh, though that is just a behaviour and not my identity lol

I got married back in 2013 and my son was born last year, he's only 9 months but he does enjoy anime much to my wife's confusion as she unfortunately is not taken by it

I've recently rediscovered anime after a hiatus of a few years, mainly as I end up watching stuff with my wife, good stuff mind like Walking Dead, GOT, daredevil, punisher etc

I recently re watched the classics that brought us here in the space western genre

You know cowboy bebop, outlaw star and trigun

Oh and after years of waiting for a Berserk anime continuation. What do we get the blasphemy that were the 2016 and 17 iterations. Seriously like wtf

Anyway it's a pity the original message was lost. Thanks for all the great times guys and I can't believe it's been like 8 year's since I last posted or maybe 6, it said my last login was 2012

Thanks to Schultz for keeping this place alive, it's very much appreciated and deserves to be kept as an archive for days before smartphones, social media and streaming taking off.

In the words of the Humanoid Typhoon Love and Peace!

To all my friends on here
Theres the...

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