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Re: Long time since we posted here.

Originally Posted by Zagatto View Post

My recent promotion has me working in Oklahoma City for one week of every month (I'll be there next week if there are any IA alumni around).

The big hobby in my house these days is paintball. My wife and kids all play and have a great time going to the field together.

Vicious, congrats on the marriage. Good to hear that you've found someone who will put up with you.

It's weird to think of how much time I used to spend in this forum and now it's just mostly happy memories.

Happy holidays to anyone reading.
My job has me traveling to Dallas about 1-2 weeks each month.

I'm glad I found someone who can put up with me too.

Agreed about spending so much time here and now it's just happy memories.

Funny that you mention paintball. Once I got out of anime, I got in to paintball around 2006. Probably much more seriously than your family is at the moment. I would go at least every weekend and sometimes twice a weekend. I ended up at about D3 national tourney level. I started too late age wise to put in enough time and dedication to get much higher. Plus that was good enough for me since it meant I could more than hold my own against anyone at any field. That was really my goal from the beginning. I haven't played as much in the last year so my skills have deteriorated to about D4 level which is still better than most anyone you'll run in to outside of tournaments.

The local paintball scene is what I miss most from moving from VA to TX. I had paid my dues there which meant at this point I was hardly paying anything to play I loved the fields there and usually knew people at most of the fields in VA and MD. Sucks having to pay full prices again.

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