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Re: Long time since we posted here.

Seeing that Schultz is keeping the lights on, may as well drop by for a visit.

It's been just over a year since my last login. My kids are watching Attack on Titan but that's about all the anime that's being played these days. Closest I came was watching Rigor Mortis, some HK cinema that was really good.

My recent promotion has me working in Oklahoma City for one week of every month (I'll be there next week if there are any IA alumni around).

The big hobby in my house these days is paintball. My wife and kids all play and have a great time going to the field together.

I'm hoping that JJ's finances have cleared up since Schultz's last update.

Vicious, congrats on the marriage. Good to hear that you've found someone who will put up with you.

It's weird to think of how much time I used to spend in this forum and now it's just mostly happy memories.

Happy holidays to anyone reading.
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