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Re: Long time since we posted here.

Wow its been a long time and i just happened to the website testing out a new plugin i installed into Chrome that shows the status of SPDY on websites (obviously knew wasn't so used it as a test for some things) and found this thread posted on.

So let me give a large update!
@Zagatto Ya i just can't seem to pull the plug on the site. I know its not used but just can't turn it off. It's running on my virtual server i already pay for, that i use for fast connection and web hosting (actually currently using it to run a UO Server emulator for screwing around in UO, been on a nostalgia kick lately) sooo as long as i have that then it will still be bit rotting.

So here is an update! JJ is doing good but he is actually still dealing with the fallout from IA! which is unbelievable. Once he actually finished the regular courts and such about the selling of dvd's, so Canada revenue agency decided to say that JJ owned them $600k in income taxes through sales of this site. Since all his records were taken in the original raid so he been fighting that and had to file for bankruptcy which of course CRA decided to object. Which he actually just had a court date little while ago to see if bankruptcy would take care of that income taxes owned. So still fun times!

My life has been pretty interesting haven't watched much anime lately but been working 60+hours a week for last few weeks so actually pulled out Goldenboy as wanted a good laugh that i could watch in a night, and my son is actually watching Dragonball Z which happened to walk in before going to work and found myself just watching for a while before having to tear myself away from it. Just brings back lots of memories. Currently i am still serving in the USAF and currently stationed in Italy which is such a awesome area too bad the locals are so damn lazy and the governments are so corrupted. but the area and the sites make it worth it!

Well that's enough for now! just glad to read that people are still doing great!

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