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Re: New Rule no Console VS threads or This Console rules all others suck.

I own a Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast and Xbox (a few more as well) and I can say that in my opinion the Xbox has the highest quailty games. The Gamecube has a lack of good games (there are a few though). And for the PS2. For every 6 crap games there is 1 good game. (not bad odds when you take into account the PS1 in which for every 200 bad games 1 good game was made). This is just my opinion. I am not saying it is true just what my interpertation believes to be true. (what the hell did I just say?) If you think I am wrong then I doun't have a probalm with that. It is your opinion. And yes I do think the VS thing is stupid.
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