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this forum is dead so i will post a new one - Lacus Clyne - 10-18-2008

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - Cidien - 11-05-2008

That forum is deader than this one.

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - Amethyst - 11-05-2008

I don't know if any of you guys are interested in sites that trade books (including manga) and R1 dvd's (including anime), but I thought I'd post a couple of sites that offer this... because I know you guys love to read and watch dvd's!!

Both sites offer items for 1 or 2 credits (usually 1 per book, or 1 per dvd disk) which you get by sending out an item from your available list (or you can buy them).. you also receive a credit (or two for dvds) if you list 10 items available for others. There is no fee involved for using either site other than shipping fees which you can do on the site by purchasing postage (also provides delivery confirmation) which is sent the cheapest way, or you can do your own shipping and just print out the label. You don't pay to have an item sent to you... just when you send out... A major plus is you can transfer credits between the two sites!! Anyway.. here are the links:

If you think you'd like the sites, you can use my email as a referral: [email protected] and I'll get credit for it.. <<shameless plug, I know>> but I really thought you guys might enjoy these sites, I'm having a good time on the book one... don't have a lot of R1 dvds for the other one though.. Sad

The book site will also take you to a link where you can purchase your book new from Amazon if there aren't any available which is a nice feature... You can also specify conditions of receiving your books, like "from a non-smoking environment" or whatever...

Now if you want to do something similar for games... which will also do dvd's or books, there is no fees involved for trading between members, but new ones end up sending first until they build up a trade reputation.. although there will always be someone on the site with more trades... lol.. no options for postage though..

There are also several other game trading sites, but I haven't had any experience with them, other than which requires $5 trading tokens per swap and uses point system instead of credits, and which you can buy new games or used games and trade your games in towards your purchases... (can use my email as referral as well.. [email protected])

Hopefully someone will enjoy these besides me!!

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - allanb64 - 03-16-2009

I hope this forum will continue to live. I didn?t post much but liked to read a lot and became familiar with some of the people here. Hope jj is doing fine. If someone sees this wish him well and tell him he is not forgotten for me.

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - bonjob - 04-01-2009

oww. so this forum is already dead?
ahaha. where are the admin and moderators?
i think they're busy so they don't have
time to fix this. Big Grin

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - suzanerosh - 09-09-2013

I don't think its dead, if it had to be dead. i would be able to see all the post. But apparently i cannot see any posts except sticky ones.

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - tanakag - 11-03-2013

Apparently i cannot see any post either, is there something like we have to spend sometime here before we get access to full forum.

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - Zagatto - 11-17-2013

The forum was fairly active between 2004 and 2009 when DVDs were still the main way to watch anime. The site owner had some troubles related to importing DVDs not licensed in this region and stopped selling the discs.

You're not seeing any new posts because there is very little activity here these days. Importing DVDs has become an obsolete method of distributing new anime. With that being the glue that held things together, everyone else found different things to do and other forums to visit.

This site will be up as long as the owner keeps paying the hosting bills. Given how little traffic there is these days, I expect the site will continue until the box hosting it fails.

The moderators do look in occasionally to make sure there isn't anything crazy happening here but the forum is mostly a ghost town. It can be fun reading through some old threads to see what people did when a 1Meg connection was still considered fast.

Feel free to hang out and look around. Who knows, other people may even join in and hold a conversation with you. But don't count on it.

this forum is dead so i will post a new one - macrossskullone - 03-05-2014

I miss the reviews. This was the only place were you get a good idea on the sub and audio and video quality of a HK boot.Sad