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Neo Ranga Complete Collection MAC
Overall Rating: [Not Rated]
Front Pic
Sku #: MA107E
Discs: 4
Audio: Japanese
Subs: English, Chinese
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha
Series Info: 24 Episodes - 360 min
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Posted by Duragon
Shimahara Minami, the eldest of three sisters, does her morning round of deliveries and returns to her youngest sister, Yuuki who is watching the news on television. Minami asks Yuuki about what she?ll be doing today, but she doesn?t reply. Apparently a large mech with weird markings has made its way into the Tokyo city limits, but Minami and Yuuki are not surprised by this. Ushio, the middle sister, happens to see the reports on the television and a single word comes out as a whisper "Neo Ranga." The military try to get involved in stopping this using all the firepower they can to stop it before it destroys the rest of the city on its unknown trek through Tokyo. Ushio drops what she was doing and grabs the hand of a unique boy named Joel. Joel seems to be connected somehow to this strange mech and sports strange markings on his face. He also carries around a dragon-type monster that is equally weird. Rewind into the recent past, the Shimahara sisters receive plane tickets to go to a remote jungle in South America to find out what happened to their eldest brother. They find a number of villagers dressed in odd masks and regular clothes who seem to worship Neo Ranga, which is found asleep within the side of a nearby mountain. A mysterious sculpture of the Shimahara sisters? eldest brother seems to be a religious icon in this village. Meanwhile, in the present, the Shimahara sisters are still unsure of why Neo Ranga is here in Tokyo. Could it be Neo Ranga is seeking them out? Yuuki seems to think so. The military want to capture it for study. Ushio disagrees and runs to Neo Ranga in the middle of a skirmish with the military to save it. She finds out where her brother has gone as familiar eyes look down at her from Neo Ranga?s eyes. "Big Brother?" Neo Ranga then starts to become a regular part of the family and seems to be connected mentally with the three sisters who seem to be able to control it. (Credit to
Video: [Not Rated] Audio: [Not Rated] Subtitles: [Not Rated]
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