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I've seen 90% of the things you're trying to choose from with the exception of one piece and Hikaru no Go. While some of the stuff like Read or Die or Grave of the Fireflies might be good, they're singles and are cheap to get, so I'd skip them for now. As for some of the other stuff, I wouldn't recommend Gasaraki unless you like boring political dramas and stuff. I'm watching Battle Athletes Victory right now, and think it's actually pretty funny.

But I think you're essentially trying to choose betwen KOR, FY, MI, and Gundam Wing. Between MI and KOR, I'd definitely say MI is the better of the 2. So the final choice is yours. If you want fantasy, go with FY. For Romance comedy (the one that started the entire genre and puts crap like Love Hina to shame), choose Maison Ikkoku. If you want mechs, choose Gundam Wing. Hope that helped.

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