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Re: Anyone still alive?

Woo, login still works! Every once in a while it crosses my mind to check this site. I've been a Deputy Sheriff for about 5 years now. Actually just arrested my neighbor on my day off. We've had problems in the past with him and he decided to pound on my door and pick a fight with me. Not what I wanted to do on my day off. >.>

I'm still very much into anime. I have a sub to funimations streaming app. I sub on and off to crunchyroll. Really like the show Ace of the Diamond on there. Binge watched that show in about a week. I haven't done that in quite some time.

My current favorite anime is Steins;Gate, though unfortunately it doesn't have a ton of rewatch value until you start to forget the plot a bit. I've been in a Gundam kick lately. I bought my first HK set yesterday that I've bought in like 8 years. Wanted to watch Gundam Wing but I'm not paying hundreds of dollars for legit sets that have been out of print since I was a teenager, so I just bought a new HK set.
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